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Heat Transfer Embellishment Specialists for the Branding, Labelling, & Decoration of Goods

Enhancing product appeal and identification, ITW Graphics (a division of ITW) is an industry-renowned global developer and supplier of high-quality embellishment heat transfers.

Integral to a wide range of hard and soft materials, our branding processes are ready for application across an exciting range of consumer, apparel, and industrial products.

As the go-to source for high volume labeling and decoration solutions, ITW Graphics has long-standing associations to the following key markets:

Apparel and Equipment Branding

ITW Graphics is a global resource for sportswear and sports equipment branding and decoration, including the application of sponsor and brand identity logos, emblems and badges, care labels, and graphic embellishments.

Solutions for Industrial Parts

Industrial heat transfers for rubber parts including tyres, hydraulic hoses and power transmission belts. We also produce a growing amount of warning and safety labels for the general automotive and car seat sectors.

Appealing and Purposeful Decoration

We offer a wide array of decorating processes for the cosmetics and personal care markets. Our eye-catching and adaptive solutions build visual differentiation across desirable, globally recognized brands.

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