A Global Resource for the Branding & Identification of Industrial and Automotive Components

Working with many industry brands, ITW Graphics produces and supplies a diverse range of specialist heat transfer processes. These include solutions for power transmission belts, hoses, car and bicycle tyres, and automotive safety labels. 

Our industrial process developers create highly tailored solutions to continually surpass the performance expectations of this highly competitive sector.


Transportation Segment Applications:

automotive belt branding.jpg


ITW Graphics provides premium branding solutions to an extensive range of rubber power transmission belts for automotive and industrial equipment.

The physical demands of a belt-drive transmission system are huge. Because of this, all of our heat transfer processes for transmission belt application undergo extensive performance testing prior to manufacturing.

This is why our products are trusted by industry leaders around the world.


Hydraulic & Industrial Hoses

We provide high quality branding solutions for an extensive range of hydraulic, industrial, and off-shore hoses. These are used within the construction machinery, agriculture, mining, building, and industrial sectors.

Our hose tape transfers can be used on all types of power transmission, fluid, and gas transfer hoses onto a variety of different substrates, including rubber, silicone, and thermoplastic. Our solutions can be tailored to specific industrial scenarios, whether it’s anti-abrasion or anti-staining.

bicycle tyre branding

Bicycle Tires

Supplying leading manufacturers with quality multi-coloured brandings, ITW Graphics enhances the visual identification and brand appeal of rubber bicycle tires..

Our services include heat transfers for automatic application and standard rubber labels for manual application.

car tyre dots branding

Car Tire Dots and Graphics

ITW Graphics is a leading supplier of OEM tire dots used to guide the tire during the initial fitting process.

Our vibrant, durable heat transfer ‘AutoDURA’ tire dots adhere to every sidewall design. They are suitable for a range of different application equipment and can be easily incorporated into in-line manufacturing processes.

Colours, sizes, and shapes can be tailored on request, and ITW Graphics’ global presence allows us to supply on demand with a very short lead-time worldwide

We are also a leading supplier of large rubber decals for high-performance racing tires.


Automotive Safety Labels

automotive safety labels branding

Safety and warning labels play an essential role in the automotive industry, helping to direct consumers in the correct usage and maintenance of their vehicles.

We work closely with a number of leading manufacturers worldwide to ensure our heat-applied AutoDURA labels meet industry standards and regulations, by supporting the validation process, based on IATF 16949 norm.