About ITW Graphics


ITW Graphics, part of the ITW Specialty Products segment, is composed of a diverse range of businesses whose differentiated and proprietary technologies meet the needs of large customers with specific solution requirements.

We design, develop and manufacture a wide array of innovative heat transfer and decorative solutions to add visual appeal and authentication to the products of large global brands.

As a robust ‘one-stop’ manufacturing resource, we are strategically located within our key markets to deliver unrivalled expertise to enhance your brands and products.


A Global Supply Chain

With factories in North America, Europe, and Asia, ITW Graphics’ worldwide manufacturing and distribution locations make us a global player in the heat transfer and embellishment industry.

Our global reach gives us access to the best raw material suppliers and the latest technologies, enabling us to provide unrivalled service to our customers.

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ITW Graphics Locations:


Environmental Responsibility

Part of ITW’s commitment to operating responsibly in a shared world is recognizing that our operations have global and environmental implications. Across the whole organization, we are focused on measuring, managing and reducing our environmental impact.

The duty to preserve and protect the environment is the responsibility of everyone at ITW Graphics, as well as the duty to conduct our operations in a safe manner for the protection of our co-workers and our communities. ITW recognizes an obligation to be in compliance with the environmental, health, and safety laws, regulations and legitimate interests of the communities in which we operate. The need to preserve and protect vital natural resources including our air, water and land is essential for future generations.

Greener Technology

Each ITW division is responsible for complying with the ITW Environmental, Safety and Sustainability Policies.

At ITW Graphics we have implemented various green innovations that ensure we continue to achieve our objectives towards ongoing environmental responsibilities. Our most significant move towards these objectives is to dramatically reduce (or totally eradicate) the use of harmful solvents from our production lines across the globe.

This move has led to the rapid market introduction of our high-performance water-based transfer system Versa-T. The Versa-T transfer system has become increasingly popular among the leading apparel and transportation brands that we supply. Due to the associated characteristics of Versa-T, it’s ideal for high performance apparel and transportation, branding, labelling and creative graphic applications.    


Cleaner Water-based Ink Technology


Developed using an environmentally preferred water-based ink technology, our Versa-T™ heat transfers offer an effective solution in branding and graphic applications. With a VOC free formulation, Versa-T is compliant to Oeko-Tex® 100 Product Class 1 and all known brand restricted substance requirements.


OEKO-TEX® 100 Product Class 1 Accreditation

Product Class 1 is the highest accreditation available in accordance with the STANDARD 100 certification system. Product Class 1 refers to textiles and materials for babies and toddlers up to the age of three, including underwear, rompers, bed linen, bedding etc. Accordingly, in OEKO-TEX® 100 product class 1, all baby articles are held to the strictest criteria, in line with sensitive baby skin. Finishes containing formaldehyde are excluded here. The requirement for saliva-resistance means that colours and prints should not bleed or stain when babies suck on them.

Industry Expertise

ITW Graphics’ designers and R&D specialists are passionate about new ideas and committed towards creating product excellence across current and future programs. Comprehensive testing and evaluation by our ITW Graphics technical support experts comes as standard for every custom project to ensure the optimum, most visually-appealing result for your brand on the chosen substrate or product.

Diverse Product Portfolio

Decorative and functional, our products can be applied to a wide array of substrates helping consumers readily identify your products. We work in partnership with brand managers, designers, colorists, and performance textile engineers to create unique opportunities to further enhance and promote your brand and products.